Flesh Eating Bacteria also known as NF (Necrotizing Faciitis)

Hello there. I'm Tim List, and the following pages showcase pictures that visually document the severe damage, including organ failure, that necrotizing fasciitis (NF) can inflict on the human body. NF is a highly dangerous bacteria that spreads rapidly throughout the body, often going undetected until significant tissue damage and organ failure have occurred. This speed of spread is one of the reasons why NF can be so deadly and disfiguring.

The medical community, though we owe them immense gratitude, has limited experience dealing with such a swiftly destructive infection. Consequently, their current diagnostic methods often lead to late identification of NF, after substantial tissue damage and organ failure have already taken place.

This website has a crucial purpose: to promote dialogue, educate both the public and medical professionals, and raise awareness about the increasing prevalence of NF infections. Moreover, it aims to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis in reducing the death and disfigurement caused by this disease.

As someone who has survived a particularly fast-moving form of NF, with a mortality rate exceeding 70%, I first want to express my gratitude to God for sparing my life. However, it's essential for me to share my story in the hope that it might lead to quicker diagnoses for others. The suffering I endured during that time was severe.

During this challenging journey, I underwent two weeks of lifesaving Intensive Care debridement surgeries. After that, I was urgently transported to a specialty hospital for wound care, where I underwent months of special wound vac treatment and artificial skin changes every three days. Subsequently, I underwent skin grafts performed by one of the nation's top surgeons. Throughout this period, I faced two more hospitalizations due to related lymphedema and cellulitis infections, one of which also turned septic. During this time, I was under the continuous care of infectious disease specialists and had the opportunity to be treated at five different hospitals within the span of a year.

Despite the immense difficulty of this experience, I am grateful to be alive, and my hope is that sharing my story will contribute to faster diagnoses and better outcomes for others facing NF.

Since that traumatic hospitalization period within the last 15 years, I've experienced 17 related cellulitis infections in my right arm, some of which resulted in sepsis and required additional intensive hospital care.