Inhearten is an app that lets you record and send encouraging video and audio messages to people you care about, right from your phone.

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Help us heal a divided world.

A New Way to Encourage

More impactful than just a greeting card, use your smartphone with Inhearten to send a caring video message in seconds.

Simple to use, makes a strong impression, and keeps us in touch.

How does Inhearten work?

- Download the Inhearten app to your phone.

- Take a minute to get quiet, focus your intention of care for another, ask God to bless both your message and the person receiving it.

- Create a personal Inhearten greeting video, and send it instantly from within the Inhearten app.

Do my friends need the app to recieve an Inhearten?

No. just enter their cell phone number or email address, and your Inhearten audio or video will be received by them from our secure network via programs that already exist on their phone, tablet or computer. They don’t need to do or add anything else.

Is Inhearten easy to use?

Open the Inhearten app, press record, create an encouraging message, then hit send. It's as easy as sending an email or text message on steroids.

You can even practice creating Inhearten messages on your own before sending them.

Privacy is Paramount

Who you send your Inhearten video greetings to is your private business. Unlike the use of highly scrutinized and monetized social media messages, the Inhearten development team has gone to great lengths to help insure that all data is secured over our private Inhearten network.

All phone and email addresses are locked and encrypted and are not available to any third parties, period. Even the creation of your Inhearten video greetings are locked privately until they are received by your addressee.

Another approach that helps make an Inhearten video greeting more secure is not using the “App Store” to install the Inhearten app on your cell phone. Our development team created a custom install program that is easy to use for both Android and Apple phones.

Divisiveness, both intentional and otherwise, bombards our daily life and creations separation. Inhearten connects us and keeps us in touch.

A new way for people of faith to encourage others

Person holding a mobile phone with the Inhearten app

When Joyce Hall created the family business of Hallmark Greeting Cards in 1910, few people even knew what a greeting card was. Today, Americans purchase over 6 billion greeting cards every year.

Like that humble beginning, Inhearten represents a new way to send encouragement, care, and prayer to our friends and loved ones. More than a greeting card, a caring video card. With a little practice, this approach will be as common as sending a birthday card in the mail.

FREE - Limited Time Offer

As of October 5th of this year, anyone can use our current version of Inhearten at no charge for sending Inhearten video greetings to friends in the following categories:

- Any military personell -- Either current or served previously.
- Any hurting person -- Hospitalized, sickness, loss, sadness, alone, etc.
- Any immediate family -- Brother, sister, mom, dad, children, grandma, etc.

For all other general use, our public release version will be available Nov. 1st 2023. (Contact us about our Insider program for details).