Inhearten is an app that lets you record and send encouraging video and audio messages to people you care about, right from your phone.

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Help us heal a divided world.

A New Way to Connect, Encourage, and Share our Care for Others

It Starts With People of Faith

Despite our imperfections, we, as people of faith, have a special gift – a Savior who forgives our mistakes, fills our hearts with love and empathy, and shows us the way to a better life. This transformative experience inspires us to share this light with others.

However, in our busy and often chaotic world, living up to this desire can be difficult. Inhearten offers a solution, making it easy for us to share this divine light with friends and all others, just as our Savior has asked us to do.

How does Inhearten work?

- Download the Inhearten app to your phone.

- Take a minute to get quiet, focus your intention of care for another, ask God to bless both your message and the person receiving it.

- Create a personal Inhearten video, and send it instantly from the Inhearten app.

Do my friends need the app to recieve an Inhearten?

No. just enter their cell phone number or email address, and your Inhearten video will be received by them from our secure, private network via programs that already exist on their device.

Is Inhearten easy to use?

Open the Inhearten app, press record, create an encouraging video, then hit send. It's as simple as sending an email or text message.

You can even practice creating Inhearten videos on your own before you send one.

Privacy is Paramount

The Inhearten video service is a private means of communication. Unlike social media platforms, where messages are often subjected to scrutiny and monetization, Inhearten has taken significant measures to safeguard all data on its private network.

All phone numbers and email addresses are securely encrypted and never shared with any third parties, ever. Additionally, the creation of your Inhearten video remains private until it is delivered to the intended recipient.

The Inhearten Chain of Encouragement

FREE - Limited Time Offer

As of January 2nd of this year, anyone can use our current version of Inhearten at no charge for sending Inhearten video greetings to friends in the following categories:

- Any military personell -- Either current or served previously.
- Any hurting person -- Hospitalized, sickness, loss, sadness, alone, etc.
- Any immediate family -- Brother, sister, mom, dad, children, grandma, etc.

For all other general use, our public release version will be available February 1st 2024. (Contact us about our Insider program for details).

A new way for people of faith to encourage others

Person holding a mobile phone with the Inhearten app

When Joyce Hall created the family business of Hallmark Greeting Cards in 1910, few people even knew what a greeting card was. Today, Americans purchase over 6 billion greeting cards every year.

Like that humble beginning, Inhearten represents a new way to send encouragement, care, and prayer to our friends and loved ones. With a little practice, this approach will be as common as sending a birthday card in the mail.