One at a Time

I love the story of the young lady on the beach saving starfish. And, though she would never be able to toss all of them safely back into the water, she made a difference for one at a time. When we consider ALL of the needs, ALL of the pain, ALL of what’s going on in the world, it can be so overwhelming. I know, for me, when life has become really “big,” just one person reaching out to me to let me know they were thinking of me can pull me back from isolation and the despair that creeps in to steal my joy. We all need to be seen and heard and known – nothing elaborate or financially costly… just a few words of encouragement to cheer someone on as they make their way through this journey of life.

And let’s be real – literally. Let’s skip the cliches and speak what’s truly going on – it hurts, and it’s sad, and we get angry. That’s OK – and let’s help each other make it OK to feel and grieve and be disappointed. Then, let’s be right there to keep each other from staying there … with kindness and compassion and hope.

We can’t make it ALL better, but we can make it a little better for someone. To whom could you send an encouraging message today? We CAN make a difference… one at a time.

Dr. Denice Honaker

Inhearten Contributor