The three secret powers of an Inhearten video message

1. The truths of the unspoken words.Communication specialists tell us that anywhere from 60- 80% of received communication is generated by the non-verbal cues of the interaction. Sincerity shows in the eyes, facial muscles, voice tones and gestures of head and hands. Words in print or left on a voice message pale significantly in their received impact. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your make-up on, or sweating in a workout or gardening, nonverbal sincerity crushes the superficial. As a matter of fact our users report that the more natural their look when creating an Inhearten message, the more meaningful the impact.

2. The completed action itself, demonstrates truth.The undeniable fact that you took the time and sent a message of care speaks volumes. Let’s be honest, in our daily interactions of life we hear a fair amount of insincere dialog. “I was just thinking about you”, I’ve been praying for you”, “You look good, have you lost weight?”, “I was planning to call you” etc. etc. Most often the comments are well meaning, but hollow in truth. One of Inhearten’s best features is ease of use. And because we placed functional complexities below deck, how quickly one can compose and send an impactful message. Truth is, most messages can be created and sent in less than 30 seconds. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a sincere caring video worth? To your friend, more than you can imagine. At times, perhaps even lifesaving.

3. Most importantly of all, choose to add the power of prayer!Whether one might say a quick personal prayer before creating a message or including some aspect of prayer in the message itself. Prayer connects us to the most powerful entity in the known and unknown universe, God our Almighty Heavenly Father. The creator of all matter. Sincere inclusion of prayer can change circumstances in ways far beyond our understanding. And as people of faith, we are guaranteed access to this power through our belief in His Son Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Timothy List

Chief Encouragement Officer, Inhearten